Hi, I'm a London based Web Developer with a passion for clean HTML & CSS. Over 5 years of developer experience starting from Customer Support working up to UX Development, Agile, Wordpress and Server support.

  • #code-stack {
    • Front-end: Cross Browser HTML & CSS
    • Libraries: jQuery / Javascript
    • Frustrations: IE6
    • Back End: PHP & Coldfusion
    • Experimental: Ruby, Compass & SASS
  • }
  • #dev-environment {
    • Agile: Certified ScrumMaster
    • Revisioning: SVN & GIT
    • Servers: Linux, Apache, MySQL
    • Editor: Sublime & Eclipse
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Previously employed as a UX Developer / ScrumMaster on the eCommerce website RedBalloon for 4 years.


  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, Coldfusion Stack
  • All code versioned in GIT (Transition from SVN)
  • Automated builds with Jenkins and Selenium tests


  • HTML, CSS & Structure and Frameworking
  • Wordpress Templating
  • Certified Scrummaster
  • Ad Hoc Server Maintenance
RedBalloon Blog
RedBalloon Wordpress



Co-founder, developer and active writer for eatshow&tell.com

An Australia based Food Blog with a team of 5 writers, currently active in Sydney, New York & London. All content and photography on the site are generated by the team writers.

Local base of readers reaching up to 25k views a month, with 20k Uniques.

Nominated twice in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards held in Singapore (2009) and Malaysia (2011).

  • 2009 - Best Food Blog
  • 2011 - Best Design - Winner
Photography 1 Photography 2 Photography 3


Website built using HTML5 Boilerplate, Skeleton, normalize.css, SASS